For those who would like to reach your desired division ASAP! This is the fastest way to do so. Once purchased, your account will be assigned a booster and boosted until it reaches the division that you ordered. Due to the nature of this order, please refrain from playing ranked games on your account until the order is fully completed. If you do play ranked games after a booster has been assigned, your purchase will be converted to Wins of equal remaining value of the order.


For those of you with low LP gain, or high LP loss, this is an option just for you. If a game is lost, it counts as -1 win. If you order 10 wins and our boosters lose 2 games, we will win 12 games for you. This means we will play on your account until we have 10 more victories over defeats. Another benefit is that you can still play ranked games while no booster is currently logged on your account and your order is paused.


Placement Games are great for you if you are currently unranked, or looking to start a new season with a BANG! After purchasing Placement Games we ask that you do not play on your own account until the boost is complete. We guarantee a 80% win ratio. If the booster loses more than 2 games, you will be rewarded with additional wins per loss (2 wins per 1 lose). Please note that if your booster goes up one whole division after placement games, your boost will be counted as completed.


Duo Queue boosting is an alternative for those who want to play and learn while improving your ELO in a flash! It is 100% safe and simultaneously allows you to play on your own account. After purchase, you will play on your own account while being paired with one of our boosters. Boosters are Master and Challenger players and are highly ranked, so you can feel secured about their performance. Once your Duo Queue booster is assigned you can set the times you would like to play. Please note that purchases of Duo Queue games are for a set number of games, not wins or divisions.