How does this service work?

Depending on your preferences, we can play with you or for you so that you could improve and reach the divisions you desire. Our boosters are highly experienced in boosting. Create and account with us, place an order, and see it all come together!

Is it safe?

If you are looking for someone to boost your account, we are one of the safest. As with all boosting services there are risks, but our ban rate as of now is 0%. None of our clients' accounts have been banned. Our boosters use VPN with custom IP address to ensure your account's safety. Duo queue games are perfectly safe as they are within the rules, therefore, are risk-free. All of our boosters have many years of experience in boosting and are very reputable players, and thus, virtually no risk of your account becoming restricted or stolen.

What servers do you function on?

At the moment we work on the following servers: Japan, EU West, EU Nordic & East, North America, Turkey, Russia, Latin America North, Latin America South and Oceania.

Do the boosters have access to my IP and RP?

No, unless you give the boosters permission to use IP and/or RP.

Will only one booster play on my account?

Since our system is designed so that your order can be completed as fast as possible, there might be more than one booster on your account. However, if you prefer only one booster to play on your account, contact us and we'll arrange it!

Can the boosters play with the champion or role that I want?

You can contact your booster(s) to tell them your preferences, but this is not guaranteed as it might restrict outcome of the game.

Can I contact the booster outside of the game?

Yes, you can either contact them via customer support or through Skype.

How long will you work on my account to get my desired division?

Although we ensure that we will try and get your order done as soon as possible, we aren't in a position to say how long exactly your account will be worked on. It depends on a few things that we have no control under such as the size of your order, the current amount of orders, the availability of our boosters, and server status.

Can I use my account after a booster has been assigned?

Yes, contact Admin or your booster to sort out the status of your order to ensure that no boosters are playing on your account. Then you can pause your account and use it. If you currently have a division boosting in progress please refrain from playing ranked games.

I've made my payment, what now?

After your payment has been verified, a booster will likely start working on it within 24 hours. If you ordered duo queue games, a booster will contact you shortly so that you can play at times of your convenience.

Can I play duo with my booster when he is division boosting?

To ensure results and speed of our division boosting service, our boosters cannot do so. However, you can place a duo queue order and ask to play with the booster that is assigned to your account.

I've made a mistake in ordering, what shall I do?

Write to us through the contact form and please inform us of the changes that you need.

I paid for the service but the league/division differs on my account from what I mentioned in the order, what now?

We will adjust your order accordingly, the value of service that you will receive will remain unchanged.

My booster jumped divisions, do I have to pay extra?

No. Your happiness is our happiness. 😉

I would like to become a booster, what shall I do?

Contact us through Skype: jp-leagueboost

I have a question, which I can't find in the FAQ, how can I ask it?

Talk to us! We are available here.